Well we’re getting back to operating after the trials of the last 15 months.  In March 2020 we prepared for a grading visit from Visit Scotland which we had to cancel after getting Covid19.  Then the lockdown, re-opening in July 2020, with many of our guests that had booked for April, May and June 2020, shifting their stays to July/August for postponing until 2021.  Then the further lockdowns at the end of 2020 and on into the first 4 months of this year.  Fortunately, we have benefited from people wanting to get a break, seeing us virtually full from mid-May to Mid-Sep 2021.

Some pictures of two recent short visits to get ready for the season.  Panoramic view from decking, tidying up the front gardens, and new stones laid on the drive.

Over the last month we’ve received calls enquiring about bookings for 2022 and our booking calendars are now set for accepting bookings for next year.