This time last year, we only had about 3-5 bookings for the peak summer periods.  We’re obviously doing something right, we’re getting returning guests and lots of new ones, 13 bookings over same season currently, with others outside these dates.  More people booking early.  Thinking of booking?  Particularly for multiple weeks/both cottages for family gatherings, availability as of today below:

May Cottages
12th to 19th Heather & Fern
19th to 26th Fern

2nd to 9th Fern
9th to 16th Heather & Fern
16th to 23rd Heather
23rd to 30th Heather & Fern

30th to 7th Fern
7th to 14th Fern
14th to 21st Heather & Fern
21st to 28th Heather

4th to 11th Fern
11th to 18th Fern
25th to 1st Heather & Fern

1st to 8th Heather
8th to 15th Heather & Fern

For up-to-date availability, check our on-line calendars at the bottom of the Bookings tab.