This year was yet another busy one and our best so far.  Though, compared with the same time last year, it looks like 2019 is going to be even more successful.  There aren’t many free weeks left in the peak months (a snapshot of bookings as of 10 Dec 18):

Week Cottage
Heather Fern
06-Apr-19 13-Apr-19 Booked Booked
13-Apr-19 20-Apr-19 Booked Booked
20-Apr-19 27-Apr-19 Booked Booked
27-Apr-19 04-May-19 Free Booked
04-May-19 11-May-19 Free Booked
11-May-19 18-May-19 Free Booked
18-May-19 25-May-19 Free Booked
25-May-19 01-Jun-19 Booked Booked
01-Jun-19 08-Jun-19 Free Booked
08-Jun-19 15-Jun-19 Booked Booked
15-Jun-19 22-Jun-19 Free Booked
22-Jun-19 29-Jun-19 Free Booked
29-Jun-19 06-Jul-19 Free Free
06-Jul-19 13-Jul-19 Free Booked
13-Jul-19 20-Jul-19 Booked Free
20-Jul-19 27-Jul-19 Booked Booked
27-Jul-19 03-Aug-19 Booked Booked
03-Aug-19 10-Aug-19 Free Free
10-Aug-19 17-Aug-19 Free Free
17-Aug-19 24-Aug-19 Booked Free
24-Aug-19 31-Aug-19 Free Free
31-Aug-19 07-Sep-19 Free Free
07-Sep-19 14-Sep-19 Free Free
14-Sep-19 21-Sep-19 Booked Booked
21-Sep-19 28-Sep-19 Booked Booked